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B&B - Manor
from 975,- SEK

fra 775,- DKK
 ab   99,-  € 
Double Rooms
3 days book direct 
285 €

Book direct 0046 7602 71 507               mail:
Book Estate office    mail 

5 star preserved nature habitat - sleap between 1000 years old oaktrees  


Stay in our Natura2000 habitat, Yxkullsund Naturreservat - sleep, fish, relax, walk our hiking trails, enjoy total silence, ecology farming and cows, bring your own horse, go wild boar hunting, foto safari for moose, wild game or say hello our friendly ghosts, take a swim in our lakes, or visit Småland from Yxkullsund.   
You can use our kitchen for breakfast or order at your arrrival.
You are 15 km form nearest city, 100 % silence, simple living in the nature. 

You can still rent a boat +/-motor, canoe, Rolls Royce or Bentley from the mew with chauffeur, traktor tour, golf courses is near by, a caddy, see the moose in the forest or moosepark, cowboyland High Chaparal, farm safari
- but please stay by us - if you want simple living, experience silence in nature (if the wind allows it)
and we will advice and help you the best we can - even we also do agriculture, forest, hunting arrangements, renovating and preserving of the 350 years old manorhouses, business to business conferences and exhibitions.
Please make your reservations 

CO2 and the world - we planted 30.500 trees in 2021 - they will soon adapt CO2 from many many people staying in town who dont got the possibility...      

Ingrid Bergman - three time Oscar winner - loved Yskullsund - and so you will - she loved the primitive country life away from the stars in Hollywood and Monte Carlo, cooked her own dinner and took a naked swim in lake Furen, made lokal food and studiet her roles Casablanca, Orient Express or Hemmingway. 
"Aunt Ingrid" is told to walk around and wont leave Yxkullsund as Gusten the manor ghost, both are very friendly.
The only ghost here in the world with his own E-mail   

The royal säteri from 1662 dont attempt to be a five star hotel, rather an adventure with atmosphere from the past, and your room are to sleep, no swimmingpool, no jacuzzi, no cocktailbar but 2.000 HA lakes for swimming, mushrooms, fishing, hunting, riding, berries and lokal food - even you can taste the nice charolais meat.
Our 5 guests rooms were enough for famous stars, royales, aristocrats, car enthusiasts, hunters, fishermen from all countries - and we will do everything to give you a nice B&B.  

Augustenborg - Yxkullsund Säteri reduce the CO2 pollution for app. 4200 persons, in 2021 we have planted
12 HA with 30.500 new trees for the future.
We deliver timber and wood for bioethanol, houses, paper, and we maximize our eco standards all the time. At Yxkullsund Sâteri no chemicals are used in the eco production of grass and our animals are treated after highest standards. Remember a person are many times doing 17 tons CO2, and a cow only 4 tons - remember from the cow we get meat, milk, cream, cheese, yogurt, leather for shoes, jackets, clothes, fertilizer for the fields so the vegtables grow, beauty in the fields, straps, braces, waist belts for the pants, biodiversity, cappochino, cafe latte, vitamins, minerals, ice cream - you can go on and on - cows has been mans best friends for thouands of years, they never fight, go to war, take a plane, but deliver us houndreds of valuable things. 
Now it is sudedenly the cows who polute the world - look at them at Yxlullsund and think it over...when they are eating the grass, mowing the trees and take care of the nature reserve through the summer.


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