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Visslemyr   -  Öjhult 1:9               308 tdr land  DKK    82,000 

To be rented together or shared - in 2 parts - north & south

Visslemyr – Öjhult 1:9  

308 tdr. land (without house)


Aerial photo!~56.65400,13.98692,12.770869070463053z/tr!i=hAtEVXnf/tileLayer!l=1?usergeo=1

Roads and access!~56.65617,13.98911,12.619456882394948z/tr!i=hAtEVXnf/tileLayer!l=2?usergeo=1

The area does not have a house - the south has easy access, the north more difficult - can be shared with other parts and Ängatorpet


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