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Why is it so cheap?    Hunting does not have to be expensive, hunting is an experience, a safari, fun, lifestyle and a way of life.

The main thing is to disconnect, think about something else. It can be alone or with friends. It is mostly boys who love cars, hunting, nature, girls, food and wine. You want to shoot something, but that is not the most important thing, many girls are also on board with the idea today. When hunting, you're equal, it's the skilled hunter that's looked up to, not the wallet. We want the latter, hunting is something you get better at throughout your life, sometimes you're lucky, other times it's your friends, and it gives the same joy. 

Welcome - we don't want to be expensive, we are happy to guide, but the hunt is you, your luck, your experience.


Are these your own areas - territories?

YES - we have close to 4,000 tdr. of land, but perhaps for more practical reasons we have leased a smaller adjacent area, some of our hunts are in elk areas that provide additional opportunities during the season - altogether we are involved in elk herds of approx. 6000 tdr. land? that's ok.  

When is payment due?

In advance - it always guarantees a reservation and then everything is in place. Our hunting tenants get the right to pay in installments after 6 months so that it does not burden the economy. 

What do I need for night hunting for wild boar - rifle and binoculars?

Binoculars with illuminated crosshairs help you enormously - they are available in super usable quality for only 1299 from JagtDanmark A/S - it is effect and not price that matters and can be used - people think they will become better hunters by buying binoculars for 30,000 - not tracks - it's luck, patience and hunting knowledge that kills game., and by the way the projectile - that alone kills game. In a rifle - anything over 6.5x55 and e.g. 308/3006 from Franchi-Beretta model Horizon - available for only 7000 at

Can I come buck hunting on 16 August?

Maybe - but the vast majority book 6-8 months in advance, and we don't throw them out because you're too late. Now we have 3000 tdr. of land so there may be a few people hoist here and there, but we don't want to overbook - and the bucks also shoot in September, and not just on the morning of the 16th. 

There are plenty of options - but our hunters must have 200-300 tdr of land on 16 August per hunter - then the chances are good. 

I would like to go pig hunting at night - can I come alone?
Both yes and no - but if you shoot a 100 kg keiler you can't handle it yourself - so it's always best to have 2 hunters - it's not that dangerous either and you have to be careful. 2 handles far more easily everything that can pass for wild boar hunting and it is easier with everything. We can help, but we can be far away for coffee, and won't come in 10 minutes - but we will help if there are problems, clues, etc. Anything is possible...of course.


What have other hunters shot in the area in previous years?

The situation is that hunters shoot and hunt differently, some are professionals others are complete beginners. Some drink beer and smoke cigarettes, some are fun hunters and the results are very different. Our tenants have to submit shoot statistics every year, and when it comes down to it, they are a little afraid that the rent will be raised, so they write too little and want the rent down. That's why our answer is watch the hunt, feed, candy and peace give the best results. At 100 tdr you generally don't shoot as much as at 500 tdr land.   We never give game statistics, it gives no real picture of hunting in Sweden, but look at the national statistics - then you know there is game in the forest. 

Moose quotas?

There are more options. Elk herd, Free hunting for calves, Länstildeling. We talk about that when the hunt is rented.









What should I bring on a night hunt?
Patience and luck plus warm clothes, night scope (available in from NOK 995, e.g. 3-9x56 with light) flashlight, tow rope, rubber boots, large knife, plastic bags, coffee, food and patience. You can easily mount night vision binoculars, but it is important with the little red dot you turn on when it is dark - it is visible and you shoot optimally - it is not the price of night binoculars, the usability that is important - we are not at all that impressed by people's equipment that we become over those who put down something wild. It's the efficiency and not the quantity - the fact that you've spent 100,000 on a rifle doesn't mean it's going to hit if you're a fumbler yourself.  But it's nice to have a nice rifle and binoculars  - of course.

Can you easily tell the difference between so and keiler/galt?

No - that's why you have to be sure - with us it costs NOK 5000 to shoot a sow - it's a preventive punishment so people don't do it - and look carefully.
A sow is more straight in the back, has piglets with her - who may arrive 5-10 minutes after the sow has arrived - they wait until the lane is clear.
A keiler / feral is higher above the back-neck, often comes alone if it is large - the teeth are visible on large keilers!

How many pigs can I shoot on a night hunt?

it depends on luck, your ability to sit still, and your shooting skills. We can do everything with feeding, towers and good advice, but if people sit smoking, drinking and talking in the tower, the probability is not very good - but are you quiet, quick and keep calm when the pigs come and they have peace to go to the square and rummage around - you choose a good pig of 25-50 kg without piglets - wait until it is calm - then you also shoot a wild pig.

How many moose do you shoot?

You don't brag, but in total we have a license for at least 22-24 pieces. on Augustenborg God's total areas - but there are areas where there is also free calf hunting, e.g. in January. So it can turn into more. Such a day costs only NOK 1,000. it's with moose dog and whole ballads. Once in a while, wild wine is also shot on these hunts - but it is decided in the morning - it is the work of shooting all the moose that counts in Sweden... you have the pig all year round to shoot...

Do you have room in the buck hunt for 4 people?

Yes, maybe, but book well in advance - there are few places, but bucks can be shot with great pleasure until October 1 - many of our bucks are actually shot in September...There are many who think it is only the first day a buck will be shot - it's a big mistake...






How much does a golden buck cost with you?

If you shoot a buck with us on a hunt, it doesn't cost extra, but you also have to be lucky, but the possibilities are there. The question is whether you are there at the same time as the buck - many medal bucks have been shot in our area - bronze, silver and gold - but that is not normal, and hunting requires skill and luck. But they are there...

How dangerous are wild boars?

They are extremely dangerous in the event of an accident. It is from 0-60 km/h in 1 sec, it is for a boar and so almost a tank that comes roaring when it is bumped or in danger, and therefore all pigs should be shot from a tower. If they attack or simply run towards you, the situation is life-threatening.
Otherwise, they will disappear for a long time because you come in firing range and are quite harmless. Therefore, be extremely careful and take no chances - a steam locomotive on 4 wheels is not to be trifled with.  

If you shoot a sow from the piglets  ?

Yes, they are protected, and you should learn to keep your finger off the trigger and watch what you shoot at.    1. it is forbidden. 2. it is unhuntable - the piglets die  3. it destroys the future population. 
NOK 5000 fine - by the way, you don't just put down the pig, you also kill maybe 4-6-8 piglets from starvation - a Keiler can be seen on the teeth, body shape and single pigs are often Keilers.  It just shouldn't happen. 













Is it possible to shoot an ancient bird with you - I thought they were protected?

Yes, we have a fantastic forest site at Visslemyr where you can shoot  primeval birds from the hut out on the moor - you get up or sleep out there until 10 minutes before the sun rises - then all the "tups" come flying to the forest site - they play during the breeding season but show up all year round for a chat with their friends. It is selective shooting and we decide every year how few can be shot -  when the season starts - it can't be compared to much else in terms of trophies, after all bull and trapper - just ask your friends who has shot a bull or an early bird. Only one may be shot per Hunter. We take good care of them. The hunt takes place throughout January. September is also a possibility certain years. 

How many moose can we shoot?

The moose hunt usually starts on the 2nd Monday in October - Sweden closes.

Moose hunting in Sweden is a major science, but it is easy enough, you have to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the rules, and we as hunting renters are not responsible for what our hunting renters do. Sweden has pretty harsh penalties for illegal hunting - so be aware.

An elk license must be applied for at the beginning of the year. Otherwise, you hunt without a license according to the rules:

There are 3 options in Scania, Kalmar, Kronoberg Län. 
Each county has excellent websites with how many moose are shot and an excellent service when you call. Search online.

Allocation from the county. You have to have quite large areas just to get an adult elk + calf allocation. 
Normally you get a calf for 70 days. There are different licensing options. This form is controlled by oneself without further intervention.

Without license. Calf hunting for 1-2-3-4-5 days depending on the place -  at the beginning of the elk hunt.
It is the easy option for those who do not want to be in the big herds of moose, and have no interest in moose hunting.   

Join a local moose group - there are often more opportunities among the neighbors, (the County Board knows this) then all areas are added together and you search together - this gives better hunting and often more meat - be careful to get that meat which accrues to you per area unit - as well as a suitable number of places, and that there are more of you who come moose hunting, the Swedes are meat hunters after all. But with this system, even on small areas, you have the opportunity to shoot a big bull, cow or calf simply by participating.  In any case, you have to listen because the Swedes are very nice people, skilled hunters with good dogs, which you may need in other situations.











Can I shoot a medal buck with you?

Yes, if you hire 2-3-7 days or long-term hunting with us, you do not pay extra for such a trophy on our general terms. We do not have trophy fees. 
Can I order a medal buck?

Yes, but not for NOK 240 per day, of course - there may be some big bucks on our territories we can point out, we know they are there - they cost extra and the hunt is from a ladder or tower, these bucks cost NOK 5,000, bronze, 10,000 silver and 15,000 for gold + 750 per pürch, it can be difficult and often only in August, maybe September  - the problem is if it doesn't arrive after 2-3 days. If you shoot another buck, the buck costs NOK 2,500. Advance booking is required during the summer months. We prefer to rent without trophy tax, and let the situation prevail. But good bucks are shot, e.g. at Augustenborg, Mellankär and Visslemyr.
Lindehult has top quality bucks.   

What can we expect to shoot? 

It is demanding with challenging territories, of course we cannot guarantee results, we do not know who is coming and, for that matter, whether the game wants to be shot that day. Hunting is hunting.
We've had hunters who shoot their first buck as easy as nothing,  professionals who haven't shot, and people who can't take advantage of the opportunity, and even hunters who are done after 10 minutes the first time they go out...










How many moose are we allowed to shoot on the hunt?
When you hire hunting in Sweden, you must look at the county's website, Skåne Län, Kalmar Län or Kronoberg Län's website - there are the rules. There are two basic options. You join an elk herding team and this takes care of shooting and allocating moose for your territory or hunts in the same or others in a hunting team, or you can be assigned from the Länet. 
If this is the first year you rent, you have a number of free days for elk hunting and can shoot calves - but rent the hunt first and the opportunities will open up. 
Again, see the websites, there are quite a few rules, but 100,000 moose are shot a year, so it must be possible to find out.   

Do we get the money back if we don't shoot anything?

No - but enjoy the trip, have fun and relax. As I said, the expectations are often higher than the result in Sweden, you always hear about the big achievements, but you have to help make them yourself. Our areas are options at a reasonable price and very cozy,  if you go to Poland or England you pay 15,000 and not 3,200 and you don't get the money back either. If you do something about it, there are good opportunities, the game is there.   













What caliber should we use?

Anything above 6.5x55 for pigs and larger deer game, wild game 222 rem and up, you can always ask us if you are in doubt - but now be sure you want to go and things will always work out. See the Swedish Hunting Association's website. shotguns 12-16-20 - large shotguns 1-2-3.  See below our links.

What if we don't shoot anything?

So you've had a nice trip with your friends - we can't give shot guarantees to people who might not be able to dent a bowler hat, hit a cat in a bucket, or hit an elephant in the back with a banjo. Others are unlucky like Donald Duck, can't sit still or have drained 2 bottles of whiskey. But isn't that exactly what we all set out for  - to have fun, enjoy the hunt and the waiting time, and last but not least, rejoice at the trophy when it is there.

Who rents out the hunt - do you rent it out second hand?
No, Augustenborg has 4 large forests and hunting properties owned by the Szabad-Augustenborg family. There are no intermediaries and the contract is written with us, we generally do not interfere with how many of you there are and the hunt, but we want nature, neighbors and our privacy to be taken into account. We have a subsidiary that owns 2 of our properties in Poland and Sweden  (Jilas International ) but these are controlled and administered via Augustenborg A/S in Denmark plus via Polish day-to-day 2 managers in Jilas International Zoo. with powers of attorney for the operation of our agriculture in Poland.

Hunting rentals are managed via Augustenborg.


Which species do you have in total at Augustenborg?

Of the slightly more exotic ones are probably beaver, bull, primordial bird, elk, roe deer, badger, fallow deer, roe deer, so to speak, all ducks in lakes and marshes, pigeons, otters, storks, oak deer, leatherbacks, cranes and lots more. More than 5% of our area is untouched nature, gentle nature in ecological operation - rare protected grasses, trees and flora.  












What if there is no game? 
It is there  - but it is not exposed animals or hunting under fences, which we also have opportunities to arrange, and there is a shot guarantee. If your expectations are that you will shoot 3 bucks in 3 days and pay 3900, there are others who offer, but the result is extremely doubtful in Sweden.  We cannot and will not give a guarantee or refund if there is no result, we offer a hunt and a pleasant holiday. 

Night hunting - How many wild boars can we shoot in one night and how big should they be? 
You arrive at the hunting grounds 1 hour before sunset, from Helsingborg it is a 45-minute drive. You are put at a pig's place in a tower that is closed, let the evening fall, and stay seated for  2-3-4-5-6-7-8.00  - at night depending on stamina and desire - in several of our hunting towers one person can sleep -  one can keep watch, and we move any open individual ladders to good places in advance. Such an arrangement  is for 2-4 people. You can be at work at 10 the next day. We do not guarantee, take it as an opportunity, do it for fun and pleasure. There is feeding and there are pigs. We shoot pigs min 20 kg and up - there is no trophy tax - NOK 1000 is paid for all pigs killed. Sows with pigs are forbidden to cull - wait until you are sure there are no piglets, and piglets should be mine. 20 kg.     

What can we shoot - there are 4 of us who want to go hunting for 3 days?   What does it cost? - 
We have just been in Poland for 4 days, 4 hunters, we shot 20 bucks and paid approx. 68,000 in total.
We take for 3 days, free shooting of one buck/one pig per hunter with 3 days of modern hunting lodge DKK.  750x3 x 4 hunters NOK 9000 + 1900 for the hunting lodge.
It is 2725 per hunter  - You don't shoot 15 bucks, but you can have chances on Swedish terms, which do not match a 10,000 HA area in Poland with a guide etc. You can have great fun and get both good and exciting hunting and hunting experiences. The price is not exactly the same either. Extra goat/pig regardless of size  per piece 1500,-  There are no trophy fees.

Is it pürch or decent hunting?
It's probably mostly leisurely hunting from a hunting tower - remember the canoe flag for the towers, hunting chair etc. Pürch is also possible, you see more, but it is demanding, the game are quite attentive - the game is there. You can try both, most people do. The terrain is wild forest and nature, and not Danish allotment forests with ornamental greenery, but that is exactly what Sweden can offer, nature, wilderness, rocks, bogs, thickets, untouched forest.  

Is there a freezer?
Yes, there is usually also the fly net,  and if you shoot a huge keiler, there is also a cold store nearby at Visslemyr and Augustenborg - contact us when that happens - 0045 28459611 or the other numbers available. There is also a freezer for lost game.

















How much does 3 days hunting cost? 

5625 including everything, and you get to take home an animal you shoot. Stay, nice hunting lodge, kitchen, bath etc. you just need to bring bedding and food. 

Should we make larger arrangements - please ask for an offer. 

What if I shoot a sow with pigs?
You don't - BASTA - learn to tell the difference before you leave - lakes are protected, and it will be discovered when the piglets can't find peace. You can always refrain from shooting - then there is nothing to regret.

Will you come and show the limits?
Normally - No - there is e.g. on Visslemyr approx. 20 km around by car and approx. 35 km borders. it takes several days to go through them. There is a map of the area, and you can simply call if you are in doubt, it is big when you arrive, but you quickly get used to it and find your favorite places. There are markings, slits/bands, white and other colored bands. Cairns, stone dykes, forest boundaries, power lines, paths, corner posts, boundary posts, markings, roads, etc. With the map in hand, you can reasonably find the boundaries - they are discreet, but they must not spoil nature either.

Can we make a better price?
No, our prices are not negotiable, we can come up with subsidies for ladders and hochstands if they remain on the hunt after use, we can also provide more services, but in our experience, hunting renters of their own ideas, and that's quite ok. 

Are wild boars as dangerous as they say?
Yes, a shot boar is an extremely dangerous force, a sow with a gizzard is not to be trifled with, caution when searching is important, and wait half an hour to approach a shot boar, and be ready for capture shots, make sure you have read about this form of hunting. 
But it must be said that they do not attack because you walk in the forest, they disappear as soon as they hear, smell or see you. learn the written and unwritten rules about wild boar hunting - and you'll be fine.

How many accidents have you had with wild boar?

No one, but that doesn't mean that accidents can happen in seconds, be careful, don't take any chances, think about it. Don't go wild boar hunting alone, have contact with others via mobile etc. 

We always warn to take maximum care.

My buck call isn't working is it broken?

No, and do you know how it should sound or maybe you are sitting in the wind, there is no buck where you are, you are making noise or it has seen and heard you. Maybe the rut is over, there are many possibilities, that's what makes hunting interesting. And have you remembered the most important thing on the hunt - good luck!

The answers can change from season to season and are based on the questions we have been asked over the years.  

Augustenborg & Yskullsund Säteri 

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