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Heat-treated Swedish MCP peat with a health-giving effect for pigs, poultry, agriculture, horses, golf and horticulture.


*Benefits & improves the environment

*Reduces odor and binds CO2

*Stabilizes the stomach during weaning and throughout growth

*Improves animal welfare and       stimulates activity

*Increases economy and survival

*Huge product range in peat MCP

*Solves Zinc problems

*Iron injection not necessary

Augustenborg Gods works with peat.

A large part of our area is peat bogs, and this is where our interest in peat stems from.

Few people know and understand the great possibilities that are in peat, and few think that peat is found in all potted plants that are sold. 

Swedish peat has a very special quality, and the projects we are involved in are of the finest of all peat, namely block peat, which is cut from 10-20,000  year-old bogs that, after 30 years of exploitation, are transformed into lush natural areas with lakes and wildlife biotopes with great biodiversity. 

Peat has been used for centuries in feed mixing, in toilets/dens to remove air. It has been known that peat cures diseases and stomach problems and stabilizes stomach bacteria - the peat simply absorbs poison.

MCP is a mixture between peat and a volcanic rock that has proven to be absolutely fantastic in solving the main problem of agriculture - pollution, animal welfare and odor problems.

MCP Zeolite is a wonder drug that is completely environmentally neutral and makes the use of zinc and iron injections for pigs unnecessary. 

The EU will ban Zn and Fe and here MCP solves the problem.


See our videos & order our products - Swedish pigs have used it for years - NOW we have heat-treated MCP for the Danish barns. 


MOVIE password  MCP 

Henriksfält Henrik o Carl


Henriksfält Henrik o Leif


Block square vs Harv square


Henning Jensen


Peter Dueholm

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