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Visslemyr – Ängatorpet             hunting lodge   45,000

Jachtuset Ängatorpet -    Björstorp 1:33

For rent in connection with Jagten or parts of Visslemyr - 3 rooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, full basement, outbuilding, year-round house in good condition, lots of options and good space.

Visslemyr – Björstorp 1:33  

0.4  tdr. country house and large garden by Visslemyr


Aerial photo!~56.65873,13.97563,18.333476095995962z/tr!i=hAtEVXnf/tileLayer!l=1?usergeo=1

Roads and access!~56.65932,13.97968,15.530621254073564z/tr!i=hAtEVXnf/tileLayer!l=2?usergeo=1

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